Tiny & Big

Tiny & Big Demo 1.0

A 3D platforming demolition playground in the sky


  • Attractive hand drawn graphics
  • Impressive scale
  • No installation necessary


  • Jumping feels imprecise

Very good

Big has stolen Tiny's magic teleporting pants! Take control of Tiny with his grappling hook and rock-cutting laser, on his quest to take them back.

Tiny & Big is a 3D platform game with a twist: to progress, Tiny must create his own platforms by cutting and dragging huge ancient monuments that stand in his way. The environment is made of giant floating islands, covered in monuments, and it's really pretty. It's almost a shame to get out the laser and cut everything to pieces!

Using the laser to cut, and then the hook to drag things down is really enjoyable, whether or not you achieve what you want to! There are regular save points, so if you die, either by falling or being crushed by falling debris, you never need to repeat too much.

The controls are simple enough, and introduced with a short tutorial at the start. Using the hook and laser is really easy, although moving and jumping feels a bit imprecise in this early version of the game. The cool, hand-drawn graphics are impressive, and the scale is fairly epic! The level is quite short, but you can still spend a lot of time simply roaming the islands cutting up the scenery!

Rescuing pants is an unusual quest, and this is an this unusual game. Tiny & Big is great fun, looks cool and is enormously satisfying!

Tiny & Big


Tiny & Big Demo 1.0

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